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original rugs and wall hangings combining hooking and braiding

Musical Chairs

24” x 27, 2005, #4-, 5-, and 6-cut and hand-dyed wool on rug warp, and hand-dyed and as-is wool for braid.  Designed, hooked, and braided by Kris McDermet, Dummerston, Vermont, 2005. 

The theme for the Hooked in the Mountains Show was games.  I love all kinds of chairs from modern to antique and these are some of my favorites.  There are many great books on chair designs and hand-dyed and as-is hooking wool makes great hooked upholstery.  I play the recorder and I could picture the lightness and the melodic recorder encouraging adults to remember there early days in school playing musical chairs.  I took pictures of my hands playing the harpsichord and this was an experiment in braiding the harpsichord keys.  As in BED FOR BOO, the braiding requires changing colors often to create a specific design (the black and white keys).

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musical chairs rug

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