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Kris McDermet

original rugs and wall hangings combining hooking and braiding

The Greeting

(text within the rug)
Hello Divine Oneness.
We stand here within you, we this special group
of your beings.
We thank you for this day.
We thank you for each other.
I thank you for me.
We dedicate this day to the honor
and purpose of Oneness.
We ask that everything we need be provided.
We ask that everything we do today,
say today, hear today be only in the highest good.
In my highest good, in the highest good for all concerned,
In the highest good for all of life everywhere
through out the universe.
End of message.

This rug was started after a trip to New Mexico.  In some native cultures, the turtle carries the world on its back.  The mini braided rug in the center of the turtles back, is raised to represent this.

We are told that an Aboriginal group begins its day by facing the rising sun and saying this greeting.  After “End of message” we may add our own thoughts and hopes for the day.

The border contains the geometric design that when extended forms the classical seven circuit labyrinth.

Greeting Hanging Rug


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"rugs that combine unique shapes with hooking and braiding"