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Kris McDermet

original rugs and wall hangings combining hooking and braiding

Ode to Fibonacci

50” irregular scalloped edge, #4-, 5-, and 6-cut hand-dyed, and as-is wool on linen for the hooking, and as-is wool for braid.  Designed, hooked, and braided by Kris McDermet, Dummerston, Vermont, 2008. 

This started as a butterfly challenge, and six year old Keagan Jameson, designed the center butterfly.  Her grandmother, Mary Jameson, proposed this idea to several hookers in Dummerston.  Mary has a wonderful monthly Hook-in at her home on the second Saturday each month.  I reduced the butterfly, and the center hooking started as a chair pad.  I love the scalloped braided rugs and decided to finish the rest of the rug honoring early mathematician, Leonardo de Pisa (nick named Fibonacci).  Of course now all the designs would need to be in the series of 1,1,2,3,5,8,13…..etc..  I think of this rug as a large sunflower. In nature they are perfectly shaped, visited by the bugs and birds of summer.  In the fall as the leaves turn their lovely shades of red, and sunflower seeds appear to feed the earth (the black hooked seeds).

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"rugs that combine unique shapes with hooking and braiding"