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original rugs and wall hangings combining hooking and braiding

Ni Hao China


Ni Hao China was begun after a trip to China in 2015 with my sister in law Beth McDermet and two other friends. The one memento I wanted to buy was a Chinese Red Lantern. We traveled by bus, car, boat, and plane and saw such interesting sites between big cities and isolated country.

As we were leaving I read an article in the Chinese/English newspaper about Singing Kites and how they were becoming obsolete as a form of folk art. The geometric shapes of these large kites seemed a perfect background for a travel log rug of our trip. Within the red hooked background I could hook smaller vignettes of my memories of the beautiful scenes we saw. Most of the scenes are from photographs I took or a combination of memories and research into different areas. The little girl at a market place was a photo I took as we were walking to the striking red Shibaozhai Temple, hooked above the young girl with the pink plastic umbrella. I did find the perfect Red Chinese Lantern and that is hooked and braided in the center of the kite. Marta Bernbaum, a friend, neighbor, and glass bead artist, made the lovely glass bead holding the fringe together at the bottom of the lantern.

photos by Al Karevy

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Ni Hao China


Detail: center Chinese Lantern with turquoise bead made by Marta Bernbaum-glass bead artist.

china detail




Detail 2

china detail





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"rugs that combine unique shapes with hooking and braiding"